Well, there’s thirty minutes of my life gone!

I hate my brain sometimes.

I open up my cc-free château project (yeah, not procrastinating and looking at shiny new CC I can’ t load until I finish this damn thing.) and I go to work on the second floor (first floor if you’re American, I think. I can’t remember. I get confused) and my brain whispers, ‘you know you didn’t like the check mate flooring in the foyer. The diamonds are too small. You know you didn’t. Go on. Try out doing the floor with ctrl-F floor paining.’ Stupid brain. It was right. It did look better.

I then had to fix the first floor (ground floor) foyer flooring…AND THEN the ballroom/music room because stupid brain said ‘Well, those squares look stupid in there now. You’ll have to do them as bigger diagonals now.’ Then there was a hallway to match.

So yeah, the title says it all.


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