Olivia Parr – Classmate Submission

Meet Olivia Parr, she’s nineteen and already knows what she wants to do with her life. One day, her picture is going to sit on the cover of Forbes. She’s got the drive and determination to see it through as well. Olivia’s got a strong, charismatic and funny persona; but if she’s ever crossed or thwarted in her goals, her ruthless side emerges and she takes no prisoners!

She’s my submission for @uni-life-pov Classmate Challenge..and, well, my first submission to anything, so I’m nearly peeing myself. *headdesk*

CC Used:

Body/Makeup: @mayberries Simple Life Blush 01 • Pralinesim’s Evelyn Lipstick No.63 • Kijiko 3D Lashes Version 2 • Pralinesims’s Smoky Lash Liner No.31 •

Everyday: @litttlecakes Printed Crop Top •

@tamo-sim​‘s Accessory Tied Shirt for Male + Female • Marigold’s Chunky Sandals 
Formal: @simlaughlove‘s Cross Strap Dress • 

Madlen’s Umbria Shoes


@simlaughlove​‘s Short Sleeve Hoodie Trio

Sleep: Menaceman44′s  Female Freezer Bunny PJs
Party: @deeetron​‘s Summer Party Dress •

Madlen’s Novara Sandals
Swim: @manueapinny​‘s Cupid Bra Set

Accessories: LeahLilith’s Bounce Earrings 

Tray Files: Here


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