about the vegan thing, you say everyone can do want they want with their life but sadly the animals being eaten cannot do what they want :/ people’s personal choices are cool, but eating meat/animal products isn’t a personal choice, you’re affecting the lives of animals + humans.






I’m against the way they breed the animals we eat, but humans are born to eat meat. It’s nature that decides it, the life cycle is made like that even if you may not like it. Zebras don’t decide to get eaten by lions but it happens anyway because sadly that’s how it works:(

animals are delicious ❤

Human beings aren’t lions, though. Lions also eat their young sometimes and sniff each other’s butts. Should we do that too?

Meat isn’t good for you, the animals or the environment.
Ps, Buying packaged meat from the supermarket is not part of the circle of life.

As I said before, I hate vegans because they want to impose their life style to others as you all vegans are doing. You live your life and I live mine, but I suggest you to take some biology lessons. Js
And I don’t want to come back in the topic again so please leave me alone, I’m here for the sims and not for people to come here and give me stupid life lessons


Human beings aren’t lions no, but humans have been eating meat since
we came to be. It provides us with loads of nutrients and proteins we
need to stay alive. Yes, you can supplement meat with other types of
food which provide nutrients and proteins but some people crave meat due
to vitamin/nutrients deficiencies. Meat is very healthy for you but
it’s best to eat lean meats with not as much fat. Saying meat isn’t good
for you is an incorrect statement and you might want to go back and do
some better research.

And also, saying you “hate” an entire group of people based off only a few is not an okay thing to do. Sure there are several Vegans and Vegetarians who try to convert everyone they see and they’re very annoying, however, they do not make up the entire Vegan/Vegetarian community so saying you hate them all is just not an okay thing.

I think it’s best if everyone just learns to agree to disagree. Not everyone is going to share the same views as you and that’s okay. If it’s not affecting you directly then you have no reason to be bothered. And please stop making judgements on entire groups based off a few strays. It’s never okay to stereotype entire groups based off a few encounters. Not everyone is going to act or behave the same way so saying you dislike an entire group of people just doesn’t seem fair and just is not okay.

Humans are omnivores. We’re not the only ones in the world either. Plenty of other species have adapted by being able to eat BOTH plants and other animals. Technically everything we eat is living. Buddhism has a saying: “Life lives on life; when we forget this, we grieve, when we remember it, we can nourish one another.” (or something like that. I might be paraphrasing.)

Stereotyping a whole group of people for whatever reason is not cool in my book. Yes, there are stupid vegetarians out there. There’s stupid people that try to eat only meat as well. Hell, there’s probably stupid people that eat a balanced diet. Everybody has the right to their own beliefs and convictions – no matter how WRONG you think they are. The only time I’d be upset about it is if somebody tried to impinge on my freedoms to choose by forcing THEIR choice on me.

People make judgements. People have opinions and beliefs. It’s part of what makes us humans. I have yet to see anybody ever suddenly change their mind because you ran up to them and told them they were dumb, however.


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