Finally have these ready for you. I had so many issues I ended up making most of the thumbs by hand. Some of them are angled different than they appear in the game, but I wanted you to be able to see the designs. I did give up because of lack of time with the set of 3 plates. Anyway I give you….

Kitchen Set 1

2 Plates- 8 Patterned Swatches
3 Plates- 8 Patterned Swatches, 1 Solid White
Hand Towel- 35 Patterned Swatches
Dish Rack (Counter) – 27 Solid Swatches, 1 Metal, 1 Rust
Dish Rack/Shelf- 7 Wood Swatches, 24 Colored Wood
Utensil Holder- 28 Solids, 3 Metal

I started the swatch below a lil late in the game, but I used most of the colors on the set.

Dish Patterns

Towel Patterns- click the pic at the top of this post for a closer look at the patterns.

Credits for the meshes go to ArwenKaboom at TSR (Meshes not needed)

TOU is from the original creator. Of course credit would be lovely.

Download from SimsFileShare or Mediafire

Going to take a day or two to do some paid work then finish up Part 2. Right now it has a hanging towel with same patterns, some wall deco, oven mitt, umm I forget the rest at the moment.

If I get to 50 followers before the next set is released I’ll include some non deco kitchen items too 🙂 Happy downloading! Please let me know if you have any problems.

Just what I needed! More kitchen clutter. ^_^


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