Photo Frames

This is a set of 7 different frames
that fit sim-made photographs. Each frame comes in small, medium and large
size, horizontal and vertical shape, and in however many colours the original object had, with the
exception of the round cutout frame where I added 2 of my own. Custom
thumbnails. Can be found in Decor/Wall Decor.
I make all my CC with S4S.

The download
includes all separate frame files if you want to pick and choose which
ones you like, as well as one merged package, if you’d prefer to have  
them all as one file.

You can find my painting frames here.


Info: Please check out my ToU page. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming, #jools-simming or #joolssimming) if
you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them. ❤

Do you like my stuff? Perhaps you’ll consider buying me a coffee.

Whoot! Real Frames for sim-made pictures now! ^_^


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