When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send this to the last ten people in your notifications! <3

Wow! I didn’t even realise you knew me. I’m chuffed! Thanks! I think I got zinged with this already, so I’ll answer off the cuff again.

1) Family. I’m a proud momma lion. 🙂

2) completing/finishing stuff. Can be finishing up a Sims build, making stuff in photoshop or even just cleaning the bathroom. I like that sense of accomplishment, what can I say?

3) Running. I get some of my best creating/thinking/pondering done when I’m out pounding pavement.

4) Music. Right music can slap you into a good mood. My tastes are really eclectic, but there’s happy spectrum stuff in there. Music helps get the right momentum going.

5) Drawing or reading. It’s a toss up there. If I could draw in a hot bath, drawing might win.


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