My starting roomies, Andee and Honey go out to the bar because Andee was craving currywurst and frankly neither of them can cook worth a damn yet. Andee’s the slightly agoraphobic, cynical, suspicious misanthropic type and Honey is an angel/doormat/sucker. Of course, it turns out to be ‘alien happy-hour’ in their local pub.

Andee: “Honey, how can you just talk to strangers? You don’t know these guys? They seem a little weird.”

Honey: “Andee, you think the mailman is weird.”

Andee: “Well he is. My commemorative Star Wars figurines never came. I swear he’s stealing our mail and only giving us the bills.”

Honey: Andee, you can’t say things like that! It’s bad karma!”

(Yes, that’s @litttlecakes Rumpus Room they’re hanging out in!)


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