SIMS 4: Simlish Film Posters 

Awhile back I had the idea to try and see If I could recreate some famous films’ posters with sims 4 and I ended up making 13 of them. And since these kinds of simlish posters have been made for the sims games before by both EA and players, I decided to convert mine for the sims to have in the game as paintings as well.

I want to thank @femmeonamission whose “Great art Series” worked as inspiration for me to do these in the first place. Also thank you to everyone who commented and gave me encouragement while I shared the pictures of the posters in my earlier posts.

@aroundthesims​ kindly offered to make these as posters for Sims 3 and will be sharing them on her site. Also I’m converting these to Sims 2 this weekend.


  • 2 Versions (Framed & unframed)
    • the frames have 3 color options: Black, Gold & Silver (and each will appear as its different object)
  • 3 Sizes for both versions: Small, Medium, Large
  • 13 Canvases (film posters) for every style and size painting in the set
  • So in total this will add 12 files / objects into your game

Films featured (Click on the names and you’ll see the comparisons between the original posters and my simlish remakes.) :

CC used in the previews: HERE

TOU: I’ve made the images myself so if you wish to use them for your own projects and share them please notify me first. 


Ayeeeeieeeeee! These are gorgeous! Please show @historicalsimslife some love! 


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