you like marvel omg?? you’re the only simblr i follow (that i know) likes marvel!! who’s your favourite superhero? do you ship anyone?? which film is your favourite??? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS



I’m sure there are tons of other simmers out there who like Marvel Movies.
1. Favorite? Oh god thats HARD. I have to pick ONE!? No. Not picking just one. Can’t make me.
2. I’m always shipping Iron Man and the Hulk. ;3
3. I HAVE TO PICK ONE!? Top 3 would be Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, and 3rd would be Guardians of the Galaxy.

*I* like Marvel movies…and Pixar…and I tabletop RP geekout with the best of them. >_> I’ve played so many systems…

Does that make me a real person too? XD


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