25 Things To Try (CAS)


It seems you guys liked my gameplay ideas, so I thought I’d do a little suggestion list for CAS. There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) A female by the name of Balinda

2) Family of a dad and quintuplets (that’s 5) who all have a different personality/style

3) Dark-skinned beauty with a secret

4) A ginger man with a big nose

5) A sim inspired by the word “Discombobulate“

6) Rocker granddad

7) Family of 4 whose surname is Itchy

8) A sim you wouldn’t expect to be an owner of a doberman

9) A girl who was quiet and unassuming at school, but was actually a master schemer and behind all of the school gossip

10) Sim who was voted “Most likely to fall into a pothole while walking and taking a selfie”

11) A male detective with a great bushy mustache

12) A sim who is known to say “Amazeballs” way too often

13) Your selfsim’s evil twin

14) Black widow

15) Crazy cat gentleman

16) Family of 3 dresses head to toe in black + yellow

17) Pageant mum

18) Misunderstood villain

19) A male who is so in love with his cowboy hat and boots, he sleeps in them

20) A really scary-looking father and the cutest little daughter

21) A lady who would own two chihuahuas called Dolce and Gabanna, and her much older husband

22) A sim who hates fun

23) 3 elderly sisters/friends who like sitting in front of playgrounds and complaining about the kids

24) Two parents with a terribly spoiled teenage son

25) A family of 3 – teenage daughter and her two very embarrassing parents

Are we doing ONE or all of the list? O_o I can do the whole list…


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