Here’s a little gift for all my minions followers, all fifty – er wait, there’s more now. Crafty buggers, you’ve been breeding in the shadows, haven’t you?

ANYWAY, here we go. It’s a bit lazy because I’m tired of fighting with the files right now, so it’s only a merged package with both logos and solids in one file for each clothing type. Tomorrow when I’m less tired/cranky/suffering from dry eye I’ll probably reblog with them all tidily seperated into solids and logos for each catagory for those of you that want ONLY plain or ONLY logo…

This is a collection of happy, bright yoga themed tops. All slogans are in Simlish and translate as:

Orange: Namaste
Red: Breathe (the Chinese characters apparently mean that as well)
Lavender: Yoga
Grape: Strength
Lime: Yoga
Turquoise: Namaste
Sky: Yoga

The male tops look absolutely fantastic with @peacemaker-ic​ ‘s sweatpants bottoms, which you can find here. I recommend both the knee-length and the full length ones.

The crop top meshes are from (f) Perfect Patio and (m) Spa Day. I think the male tank is from Spa Day as well; but the female is Maxis base game. I packaged the meshes with the recolours, I believe, so I hope nobody has problems with the files. (I’m new to this. This is only my third CC release, so be kind, please.)

I had trouble getting all the logos to look pretty on the full tank for females, so I only released about 3-4 logo versions on that top, but the recolours are all there. I may back up and have another run at the longer version for women with another mesh (recommendations welcome).

TOU: Don’t be a dickhead. Please don’t re-upload these files (especially not to pay sites or stick behind Adfly) and claim it’s yours. I will flip my shit. Otherwise, go mad. It’s Maxis meshes. Ping me a mention if you use it. I’d love to see it in use by others.

Downloads (No Adfly for either)

Male:  Crop TopTank Top
Female: Crop Top Tank Top

Male: Crop Top
Tank Top
Female: Crop Top
Tank Top

(ps) Here’s the song to listen to for this download while you’re waiting for it to appear in your game.

(psps) Andee looks really thrilled she got dragged into another photo-shoot, eh? And Poppy is taking this so seriously….


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