… I got sidetracked.  Somewhere floating around Tumblr is this thing taking Sims forums help titles and reading them out of context.

I found some fun ones.  xD

I think I found my new blog title.

I’m ‘Aagh!  Sudden glitchy hug!’  

Or ‘uncomfortable, yet clean.’

JSDFAKDFHGSL lmao omg I can’t pick…but anyone who has made cc cabinets would probably fit the “annoying problem w/ cabinets” lmao

EDIT: JUST KIDDING I AM SO “People Walking Into My House Uninvited?” (also “Constant Lesbians?”)

Tag yourself I’m Dirty dish stuck in road

stuck hotdogs

“Constant Lesbians?”

I’m rather taken with ‘apple pie unmovable.’ It’s almost like a haiku.


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