Alliteration Knows No Bounds

So. Got tagged by @jorgha-haq for the latest questionnaire thingy making the rounds (and after I admitted murdering the last person to send me quizzes. Brave. Very brave.) Still, it’s a word game thing, and I adore word puzzles, so I’ll have a crack at this one.

What is your name: Beth
A four letter word: Bawd
A boy’s name: Beauregard
A girl’s name: Bernice
An occupation: Basket weaver
Something you wear: Bracers
A colour: Burnt umber 
A food: Borscht
Something you find in the bathroom: Bidet
A place: Bali
A reason for being late: Broken fanbelt
Something you shout: BUGGER, BOLLOCKS AND BLAST
Something you drink: Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer
A music group/band: Bryan Ferry (or Bent, take your pick)
An animal: Bandicoot (it has the word ‘coot’ in it. Tee-hee)
A type of car: Bentley
A song: Banana Splits – The Dickies

Again, not tagging anybody else, but if you want to pick up the gauntlet, by all means…and tag me. I love seeing answers sometimes.


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