I hit 100 followers less than a week after releasing my 50 followers gift, which is a fact I still find a bit humbling; still, here is my offering for my faithful 100!

It’s a baggy, loose fitting T-shirt for both genders with 14 anti-authority images and slogans (in Simlish, of course.) I could have gone mad with these and I had a load of fun making them. I started out making them for Poppy’s wardrobe, but I think a few of these might stray into Andee’s.

There’s a small issue with some belt-buckles and studs on bottoms ‘ghosting’ onto the t-shirt at times and I’ve noticed a bit of a clipping issue on the neckline for females if they wave their arms around too vigorously, but that seems to be meshing issues.

Saying that, the shirts look good for the most part and seing them in game has made me smile. Hope you enjoy them as well!

While you’re waiting for them to appear in your game, you can listen to this song!

Male: Mediafire [x] or SFS [xYou will need Younzoey’s mesh [x
Mediafire [x]or SFS [x] You will need Dani Paradise’s Mesh [x]


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