Song Game

The rules are simple: you choose a band/artist and answer all the things with titles of their songs. Don’t use anything twice.

@zauglom  tagged me for this. Hmmmm, I enjoyed this a bit…but I’m not tagging anybody else. Have fun if you wanna… 🙂

Pick your artist/band: Abney Park

Are you male or female?: She

Describe yourself: Space Cowboy

How do you feel?: Beautiful Decline

Describe where you are currently living: The Clockyard

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Off the Grid

What is your favorite form of transportation?: Building Steam

Your best friend?: Dear Ophelia

You and your best friend are?: The Emperor’s Wives

Favourite time of day?: The End of Days

If your life was a TV show what would the title be?:

All The Myths Are True

What is life to you?: This Dark and Twisty Road 

Describe your relationship: Until The Day You Die

Your fear?: Tiny Monster

PS: If you’re wondering why I went so Steampunk, blame @simdoughnut. His pictures are amazing!


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