You can blame @zauglom for this one….

The aesthetic vaguely reminds me of their blog and the whole reason I found peter pan collared dresses has to do with the adorable blue one one of the sims was wearing in the story. Anyway, long story short – I made a thing and I decided after a bit of deliberation to share it. It was quick and easy to put together and some of the prints I think are pretty, a bit geeky and whimsical. There’s retro florals, a plaid or two, a bit of robots and monsters and a few geometrics along with whatever else I thought looked nifty.

I’m afraid my release this time is only for the females…

The mesh is by @sim4ny and you can find it here [x]

Quiddity’s Crazy Recolours – Mediafire [x] or SFS [x]

FYI: I’ll probably create more in this collection. I rather like the title…Which I used because frankly Clara Oswald dresses like this.

Edit: I knew I forgot something! (shows how from the hip this was.) Here’s the song to listen to while you wait for it to appear in your game. 😉 Why? Because it’s badass. Just like Poppy.


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