Calling all Super Llama Man fans!!!

This started out filling a simple request for @quiddity-jones for a Super Llama Man T-shirt that got really out of hand as these things do. What can I say? (Actually, I’m waiting on voice actors so I need to find something to do…)

I do believe that I have everything pictured. I hope I didn’t miss anything.


  • Unisex t-shirts in black and yellow. This is a remake of my original black t-shirt. If you downloaded it, this will replace it
  • Unisex pajama pants which doubles as sweat pants. I’m not sure what the tag sort is on these, I forgot to check it. My bad. Someone can beat me with a wet noodle or something for that.
  • Unisex tank tops in black and yellow
  • Girls dress in black and yellow
  • Girls overall dress in black and yellow


  • Boxers in three variations
  • T-shirt in black and yellow
  • Sleep pants


  • T shirt in black and  yellow
  • Tank top in black and yellow
  • Shorts
  • Sleep pants

All items are base game. All items are in the same zip file and are well marked so you if you want specific items they should be easy enough to find.

Any problems or questions, you know where I am.


I’m such a bad, bad influence. Of course this does mean Andee has new pyjamas….

Go Llama your life, people! You know you want to.


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