Meet Ryan Driftwood. He’s my submission for a Doomsdayer Island dweller for @coreopsims story/legacy challenge. (Go read it, it’s genius.)

Before the collapse, Ryan worked as mechanic in a garage in Windenburg, fixing the fancy import cars for the well-to-do residents. Ryan’s a salt-of-the-earth sort of guy, very pragmatic; although he’s grown quite mistrustful of people (especially people he does not know) since the Apocalypse hit. Some of the shut down is probably a reaction to grief from losing his brother, Benjamin, and his niece, Lily; both of whom he was fairly close to.

He’s spent his time before arrival on the run in the ruins of Windenburg, avoiding all contact with others until he managed to (either by design or opportunity) get on something that kept him afloat until he reaches the island.

He’s dressed very practically in layers. 😉

CC: OBP’s Accessory Shirt, @tamo-sim‘s Eyebags, @lumialoversims Bod-E and Body Hair v4, @simsontherope‘s Tucked in Shirt and finally Rusty’s Beard n3


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