Well for starters, I blocked you, because you’re a coward who cannot stand out and share their oh so bold opinion without hiding. And most likely you’ll creep around. That’s totally weird dude. But  I thought this was hilarious so I decided to share your ignorance with everyone and correct you. Shame you hid. This helps me “clear up” my statement which would be obvious if your comprehensions skills weren’t so poor. 

I would have stayed behind anon too if I had been you.

1. Learn to read. I never told anyone -what- to do. In fact, I told them to their thing. Just remember, not all people are aware online. The links are infectious.


2. is filled with infections bullshit. It’s not a job.

3. 90% of creators? Your statistics are intriguing. .

4. Guess who else spends hours of their time? Real Maxis employees. But it’s their -job-. You making a coffee table for their game doesn’t entitle you to money. I don’t care if you worked a year on it. It’s against their legal terms for anyone to even make money off of free custom content. I think donate pages are far better options.

5. I don’t even wait 5 seconds. I use an skipper for most of my downloads now because it’s becoming too much. You don’t see me slapping down on traits or text mods I spend hours testing.

6. Never said these people didn’t have quality or skill. They’re very talented. Didn’t you say they were making content FOR FREE? If that were the case, they wouldn’t make money off of it. Next statement.

7.  BUTTHURT ON SOMEONE’S SUCCESS? ROFL. Dude. No. This is custom content which should be free. You’re acting like it’s a job. It’s not. It’s a HOBBY.


8. Are you a child? Someone’s a BIGOT if they click popups? Sometime’s it’s an accident. And some people are this thing called..UNAWARE. Bigot? LOL? There’s also a lack of computer protection out there too, you know. 

9. I’m petty? No, not at all. I’m not petty at all. I don’t think there’s any way you read my entire post. If you did, yikes. 

10. Grow up. Next time you want to talk shit and throw around ignorance, how about you do it on your real account? Pathetic. 

I’m all for opinions. But if shit was misinterpreted, well now it’s all cleared up.

Completely agree!!! Also I am sick of all this crap, lately no one can have an opinion without someone being outraged.

Well, I for one am outraged at all this outrage. It’s outrageous.

I’m going go to write a letter to my local government representative…sternly worded as well.


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