They were approved!


Woohoo!! Four fonts were approved on MTS! 😀

Simdergarten & Quickjot are here.

Pixcellence & Nooboo Franzi are here. 

Also, HOLY COW. Thank you guys SO much for the overwhelming support! I didn’t really expect anyone to get so excited about these, but… whoa! I’ll try to get the others done in a timely manner. I really hope you guys find them nice enough to use in your own creations! 

On that note, most of the fonts I have on my WIP picture are “done” as far as the ISO basic Latin alphabet, digits, and basic punctuation are concerned. Diacritics and other extra characters are actually what take the most time for me oddly enough. I know simmers are from ALL over, so I’d like to include the extra glyphs if people will find them useful! 

For example, these are the extras I’ve been including so far:


Is anyone actually interested in them the additional characters like this?

This is brilliant! I had to run and grab them straight away. Four fonts are up. Go and show this creator your support because we need more people like this in the community. 🙂


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