Il Pescatore – an upscale seafood restaurant, designed to replace the Pan Europa nightclub thingie.

Il Pescatore was designed as a clean, upscale, modern style dining establishment in Windenberg. At present all items on the menu reflect that it is a seafood restaurant. There’s seating for nearly fifty sims and two chef stations to accommodate them. This has been fully play-tested (as the pictures show) and it ran pretty seamlessly for me.

You’ll need to go into the lot and turn MOO on to place it or some of the decor goes a bit wonky. It is CC-Free and available for download from the Gallery. My Origin ID is Ninevah but you should be able to find it using #Quiddity or #Ninevah

A hearty thanks to @simdoughnut for helping with the name for this place.

edit: I shouldn’t try to write stuff at 1 am. Brain fail….


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