i know this a blog about the sims and i should really just stick to posting about that, but today my heart is so heavy. i’m in so much pain for the people who lost their lives this morning in orlando. these people were murdered for being themselves, unashamed and brave. they were killed for daring to love who they love and being who they were born to be. 

this hit so close to home because it’s a hard kick in the head, a harsh wake up call that my loving of another woman is still not acceptable. that those of us in the lgbtq+ community are still seen as wrong. even in the spaces that we deem safe, we are wrong and people want us dead for that. 

then you have the bullshit conservatives of this country who will use this situation to further their agenda that ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD! when that is not the case! the case is that this gay nightclub was targeted because of the fact that gay people were there. because you hate us, because you all hate us, because you would all rather use this time to condemn muslims than face the fact that your homophobia is what caused this tragedy.

i’m heavily in the closet irl, so i can’t even share my fears with those around me. i can’t go to my mom and have her hold me and tell me it will be okay and that i am safe, when that is the #1 thing i want to do right now. i’m so afraid you guys. i’m so afraid and so heartbroken and there are 50 people dead and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

I know I tend to be apolitical on my simblr; but I read this and it broke my heart and moved me to tears. I have a daughter and a son and I would be devastated if either one of them ever grew up feeling this way. I can do nothing to change other families, but in mine my children will be accepted for who and whatever they want to grow up to be…and that includes whoever they choose to love.

Not saying everybody feels this way; but we can only influence as far as our reach extends. I hope to teach my children to fearlessly stand up for their principles as well.

Losing fifty souls like this is wrong. It doesn’t matter what their sexuality was. It doesn’t matter what religion the gunman was. This was just wrong and the whole thing sickens me.


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