This is SIMBLR APPRECIATION MONTH ( lol I made that up but still ). This is a tag to give all of our favorite simmers some appreciation so here are a few of mine, @prettyinpixelations @kami-simmer @twinklypixels @arianesims @parapluiies @johnnyzest @pickypikachu and @heyitshito! Once your tagged tag up to 10 of your favorite simmers and give everyone some love!


I’m sending love @simcism @skarlet-sims @diigosims @arianesims @plumbloop @felicitiey @theplumbobarchitect @deepsims @chocolatemuffintop ’s ways :p

Originally posted by mywhisperedcolors

THANK YOU!! Some of the people i love most have been tagged already, so let’s give this a shot.

some people already mentioned:
(I want to say @parapluiies, but you tagged me!)

and @kami-simmer!

Aw aw aw! Thank you @parapluies-rb and @felicitiey! It means a lot. 🙂

I tag the following: @pixeljackpot, @novassimblr, @reticulates, @johnnyzest (u got tagged twice!!), @sappylemontree, @deeetron, @ohyeahamaral, @early-grape, and @butternutgnocchi! <33

But of course there are other Simblrs I love and call my dear friends, such as @skarlet-sims, @simcism, @arianesims, @diigosims, and @theplumbobarchitect!

ahh ty @plumbloop !!

i tag @pxelpunk, @om–egasims, @pixelatedplumbies, @nillabeansims, @thosefuckingsims, @plumbloop (even tho u tagged me!), @nrgsims, @blitz-en, @ellova, and @plumbobscythe !

you’ve all been so nice to me and i love all of your blogs sm! ❤

💓💓💓Tysm @novassimblr!

I’m tagging @pxelpunk, @twinklypixels, @nillabeansims, @nolan-sims, @rinvalee, @parapluiies, @early-grape, @cactisimmies, @simleee, @bowl-of-plumbobs, @xeleclaire, and @boxaholic

You guys have always been extra sweet to me and I’ve had some fun chats with you guys! Thank you for welcoming me into the Sims community with so much love!💓

aw @novassimblr & @nrgsims tysm! you guys are so sweet!

I tag @kami-simmer, @applezingsims, @twinklypixels, @ellova, @arianesims, @generalsimmingllama, @erinthesimmer, @hopelesslydevotedsimmer, and @theplumbobarchitect!

these simblrs are who I consider really great friends in the simblr community! They are really nice and fun to chat with and I love them to pieces! They are all so sweet!

thank you so much @nillabeansims, @felicitiey, @plumbloop, @parapluiies and @pixelatedplumbies for tagging me! You don’t know how much that means to me! I want to send my love and appreciation to all of you. 

I want to tag some people too. Some may already be tagged already, but I’ll tag them anyway: @zauglom, @ellova, @grumpyccfinds, @plumbobus, @javabeandreams @pickypikachu @jenba@jellyplumbean@pxelbox​ and @peacemaker-ic​. I seriously love all of your blogs. Okay, bye. 

Aw thank you so much @meisiu and @theplumbobarchitect!!! ❤ 

 I tag the following lovely people,
@ellova, @emmysimming, @early-grape, @kami-simmer, @nolan-sims, @dannysimblr, @deeetron, @pxelburrito, @arianesims, and @coreopsims! You people are absolutely stunning, beautiful, amazing and no one can replace you!

OMG!!!! Love you @grumpyccfinds!!!! 

I tag these amazing people, @grumpyccfinds (Yes back at you for sure!!), @makingformyonesimmer, @suebarr753, @harmonysimsblr, @simmindipity, @glammoose, @drewshivers, @lumialoversims, @sssvitlans, @deelitefulsimmer, @sinnysims, @buttersim, @simsofapt10, @threesmallhearts, @quiddity-jones, @nettlejuice, @nicole-simsessed, @sheikussims! Honestly I love everyone but you guys are amazing and have helped me in so many ways I can not thank you enough! I love you guys!

Thanks, Danny! I’m flattered you thought of me. ^_^

I’m gonna shout out to: @thosefuckingsims, @simsontherope, @simsofapt10, @napoleonfrost, @jorgha-haq, @zauglom, @annabellee25, @deeetron, @teanmoon. @coreopsims, @neopixiesims@soloriya, @orangesimsnerd, @simdoughnut, @budgie2budgie, @peacemaker-ic, and @marvinsims

Each and every one of you makes me smile. I’m deeply appreciative of what you bring to this Simblr community and your talents and insights awe and inspire me. Thank you so much for being welcoming to me. ( @dannysimblr you are so included in this. 😉 )


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