How to Update a Chair For Dine Out


Open the chair in S4S: 


Click the warehouse tab, select thge first “Object Catalog” then scroll down on the right hand side to “Tags” and click “Edit Items”  


A new window will open.  Click “Add”.  The new tag will say “None”.  On the right hand side where it says “Tag Value” erase the zero and type in the number “26625″.  The word “None” will change to “BuyCat_Venue_Restaurant”.

Don’t forget to save both in this window and the main window.

Do this for ALL remaining “Object Catalog” entries.

Many thanks to @siminimonster I needed to make a quick cheat sheet cuz I won’t remember any of this tomorrow!  😛

I know I don’t mod objects yet, but Lordy, anybody that follows me that does…LOOK.  Big thank you to @biguglyhag for helping figure this mess out. All of us CC lovers want to use our CC chairs in our restaurants. Thank you so much for the hard work going into this to make it possible.


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