While you don’t want to go in depth about future events, can you tell us whether there will be love interests, death and mayhem, a hint of things to come at least?

I think I’ll slightly break the no spoilers rule here.

There are several potential love interests that might go off in the plotline. I never set plots in stone because I like to leave room for audience reactions. There will be a few points where I will post polls to help me with turning points in the plotline. And…of course…the course of love never did run smoothly, to paraphrase the Bard.

Death. Oh yes. I’m just finishing up the next issue and things about to turn very dark indeed. I’ve hinted at it, but it’s about to show its ugly head.

Mayhem. Oh, yes. LOTS of mayhem. I’m a huge fan of action/thriller genre. I like comics and the style a lot. I’m hooked on Marvel comics mostly, as I like the darker, more human story-lines. (Okay, DC has Batman…who is really cool as well, but Superman never really floated my boat as hard.)

I plan on making my characters have to face hard moral questions, their inner darknesses and hopefully tell a kick ass story along the way…

I hope that answered your question? Which I’m really grateful for you asking, by the way. 🙂


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