So if you think YOU had a bad day…


Here’s how mine went:

I’d like to say ‘you should have seen the other guy’ but this was pretty much self-inflicted. I was trying to grab my son to throw him in time out after he’d whacked his sister and he darted past me. I spun to catch him and basically slammed my eye into the corner of a half wall at the top of our landing. My glasses (I usually wear contacts) pretty much lacerated my face.

I ended up with a cut so deep in my forehead, it needed two internal stitches and five external ones. I have an abraded cornea and three stitches in my upper eyelid. (Yes, I split open my eyelid.) My normal eye looks funky there because they dilated the hell out of both of my eyes to examine them before stitching up my eyelid.

On the plus side I could take a bunch of selfies and have lovely textures for ‘my face got fucked up’ facepaints for the Sims. 😛

I’ve spent ten hours in hospital today getting this fixed. Apologies for the lack of makeup and hobo-hair, but…yeah.

Edit: Is it very wrong of me to hope I end up with a cool scar bisecting my right eyebrow now? XD


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