By request from @minigilesstyle​, I bring you Rockin’ the Robes 2! @teanmoon​ did a mesh a while back, taking off the leg plates and making the robes end in sleeves. It sits in Clothing Tops and I’ve tagged it as masculine as there’s no female mesh for it. You can use S4S to create unisex clothing, but the mesh goes a bit weird around the neck.

I would recommend using only ‘invisible’ bottoms, or underwear that won’t be seen as any other sort of clothing bottoms have an odd way of interacting wiht the back of the robes. @minigilesstyle​ requested only the traditional robes, but I thought as I was doing it, I might as well do it all the way, just in case anybody got the bright idea of requesting the kawaii textures, so here they all are!

While you’re waiting for them to download and get into your game, you can listen to this! Guaranteed to make you want to storm an Imperial Stronghold…

Download (no ad-fly for either):
Traditional: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]
Kawaii: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]


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