Thank you Thank you THANK YOUUUU!!!! I just fond your Maxis Match cellphone accessory, and it’s a literal life saver! I needed a phone for storytelling purposes, but everything is either IPhone or Google (and I hate having real world things in games). So thank you again for creating the default game phone accessory, it’s very much appreciated.

Wow! Thanks! I prefer trying to keep everything as EA match as possible in my game myself. I guess that’s why I spent nearly 3 weeks trying to make EA wineglasses work the same way. There should be an EA match object phone you can let lie around as clutter as well!

Now I’m trying to remember if I fixed the face down version…Ugh. I’d better go check!

But..uhm…thank you! It’s great to hear people like what I put up. So very kind of you to let me know.