EA/Maxis mesh objects made into an accessory & buyable objects

I have to confess that this whole project started because Archimedes Fox is a big wine aficionado. There are three object packages and one accessory package included here. One full wineglass with 6 different EA match swatches for beverages, including plasma purple; one empty upright wineglass, and one empty tipped over wineglass. Only the full wineglass is an accessory, but if there’s a huge demand for it, I could probably do the empty one as well. I simply haven’t needed it myself yet.

The accessory version of the wineglass will work very nicely with EA animation clips, as shown above.

A massive, massive thank you has to go to the S4S helpboards at this stage. Without the patience and support of the people there, this project would have never seen the light of day. Thank you so much for helping me make this work!

Of course, you need the music to listen to while you’re waiting for these darlings to land in your game.

I ask that you kindly abide by my TOUs.


Separated: SFS MF

Merged: SFS MF

All items created with S4S, Blender and imagination. ♥



Sentate Kourtney Dress Recolours

25 add-on recolours for feminine-styled sims

You must have the Kourtney Dress by @sentate because this package file bolts onto theirs. It was a quick little recolour of this dress for my character, Poppy Fitzpatrick**; but yet again it sort of got out of hand. I’ve added a lot of MM graphics, even a few Void Critters and one special Varsity style top for my mate, @tinwhistletoo‘s AU save, because I love her stories that much.

I ask that you kindly abide by my TOUs.

Here’s the music to listen While you’re waiting for these bad boys to turn up in your game.

Downloads: SFS MF

**As seen in Codex Files, Issue 34, pt3



Round 4, Look 2 (Floral)… Paige Three (quiddity-jones)

Why settle for wearing flowers when you can BE a flower? Paige explores her own botanical potential in this little number inspired by festivals and Vegas.

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Here’s Paige’s floral look for this week’s challenge! Looks like she found her inner Vegas Showgirl!

If you like her looks, please take time to go >here< and vote for her this week!

I’ve done it!

I’ve managed to fix my wineglass accessory so it now works with the EA standard animation clips pretty much spot on!

Brace yourselves. I will probably be finally releasing it tomorrow. I’m so pleased. You have no idea. I’ve been working off and on with these things for like 3 weeks now.

It’s about as perfect as I can manage to get it.