Potables – Updated

EA/Maxis mesh objects made into an accessory & buyable objects

I have to confess that this whole project started because Archimedes Fox is a big wine aficionado. There are three object packages and one accessory package included here. One full wineglass with 6 different EA match swatches for beverages, including plasma purple; one empty upright wineglass, and one empty tipped over wineglass. Only the full wineglass is an accessory, but if there’s a huge demand for it, I could probably do the empty one as well. I simply haven’t needed it myself yet.

The accessory version of the wineglass will work very nicely with EA animation clips, as shown above.

A massive, massive thank you has to go to the S4S helpboards at this stage. Without the patience and support of the people there, this project would have never seen the light of day. Thank you so much for helping me make this work!

Update: I’ve added the empty wineglass as an accessory and it functions the same as the full one. Also, after speaking to @budgie2budgie, I am adding the minor edit I did of >her winebottles<. The bottle mesh is by @tinkeringtinkle and the textures are by Budgie! All I did was knock them over and pile them up. Your debauched sims can now have the clutter they need for binge drinking!

If you’ve downloaded the wineglasses, the updated merged package will simply override it and add the empty wineglass for you.

Of course, you need the music to listen to while you’re waiting for these darlings to land in your game.

I ask that you kindly abide by my TOUs.


Wineglasses Separated: SFS MF

Wineglasses Merged: SFS MF

Wine Bottles : SFS MF

All items created with S4S, Blender and imagination. ♥


Issue 34, pt 3 Outtakes

In an AU, they missed that Ferry! (AKA, it went too far into the afternoon and I needed to kill time to get the next images because the lighting was off.) They had a very nice chat and got a coffee (well, tea in Archis case)  before managing to finally get on their way again. You can actually see Archi is left-handed in the bottom one. 😉


Codex Files, Issue #34, part 3

Poor Archimedes. For some reason he can never bring himself to just walk away…After all, Poppy is the reason he didn’t simply cut and run the moment Codex turned up. Logic has nothing to do with it either.

If you’re curious about the full version of the quote Archimedes uses, you can find it >here<

**ref. Iss#25, pt1


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“…and our Spring Fling King,” *chuckle, chuckle* “try saying that five times fast, is Storm Holms.  Let’s have a round of applause for this year’s royalty!”

*kids cheering and hooting*

Storm: “What up to my fans!  …hello, I haven’t seen you before….”

Sam: “What a night, huh?”
Archi: *morosely* “It couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

*sudden ruckus and commotion – high pitched yelling from the hallway and one long, mournful “BAAAAAA”*

Fasal: “Run!! Run for your life!”
*panic in the gymnasium*


“What in the blue blazes?!?”
Storm: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you!”
Hazel: *flutters eyelashes*

Sam: “You were saying?”
Archi: *muttering* “Mother f**king g*d da**, son of a b**ch, unbelievable…”

…Archie! It’s “F*cking up-hill gardening, sheep-r*ping, fish-sucking son of three leprous wh*res!” Honestly, you’re sounding practically American. ;D

Buck up! At least the goat is killing the possibility of kissing happening!