• Lesson On Self Defence •

a very short one tbh (ihatemyselfforbeingsodamnlazy)

taken from a real tutorial

• 6 couple poses (12 in total)

  • 1-1,2 for the situation when attacker is in front and holds hands on objects waist
  • 2 is for attacker is in the back, hands on waist
  • 3-1,2,3 is for a very dangerous situation, when attacker is holding the neck… like you have 3 seconds to react, otherwise you’ll go to sleep

• you will need Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim



*casually whistles and then turns the corner and scampers to SL*

Another brilliant pack from @beverlyallitsims! We need more good fight poses! 🙂

By request from @minigilesstyle​, I bring you Rockin’ the Robes 2! @teanmoon​ did a mesh a while back, taking off the leg plates and making the robes end in sleeves. It sits in Clothing Tops and I’ve tagged it as masculine as there’s no female mesh for it. You can use S4S to create unisex clothing, but the mesh goes a bit weird around the neck.

I would recommend using only ‘invisible’ bottoms, or underwear that won’t be seen as any other sort of clothing bottoms have an odd way of interacting wiht the back of the robes. @minigilesstyle​ requested only the traditional robes, but I thought as I was doing it, I might as well do it all the way, just in case anybody got the bright idea of requesting the kawaii textures, so here they all are!

While you’re waiting for them to download and get into your game, you can listen to this! Guaranteed to make you want to storm an Imperial Stronghold…

Download (no ad-fly for either):
Traditional: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]
Kawaii: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]


This is one of those things that I meant to do a long time ago and I have no idea why I didn’t do it. The frogs have been removed from their cages.

After I put the WIP picture up for these, @peacemaker-ic sent me a message “Send me the files for that.” 

Peace, what are you going to do to my frog?

“You’ll see.”

He took the mesh and smoothed it out a deal because, “blocky frog was blocky” and gave them their eyes back. The original frog in cage eyes are a fx and, while theoretically we could have put it back, having static eyes means you can enlarge the frogs without weirdness. The fx wouldn’t allow that.

So, here we are, frogs without cages, in all 25 game swatches.

Feel free to recolour these if you like, please link back to the original post, and for the love of everything, please don’t put them behind an adfly link.

Let there be frogs!


Things I never knew I *needed* until I see them. I can think of so many things to do with these…


Thanks, JH!


• YOU CAN’T HIDE poses •

poses requested by @quiddity-jones

• 4 single poses + a couple pose (6 in total)
Pose Player
Teleport Any Sim


For anybody who has not discovered her yet, @beverlyallitsims is a great simmer. She has good objects, excellent CAS items and, of course, top notch poses.

Her story is also worth following, and I enjoy it immensely.

I also cannot possibly comment why I might like such poses. >_>






Posed Skyrim werewolves! Pick them up and see more info at the Keep, or grab them direct here.

Thanks to Murfeelee who converted the wolves for TS3, I converted their poses as well for this set.

Not so big bad wolf, lol. XD

Too true – the wolves in the fairy tales are being SLANDERED. Everyone knows Little Red was out for a late night booty call pass curfew. Scarlet Woman indeed! And don’t even get me started on the 3 Little Pigs! They were encroaching on HIS territory! Three houses in the middle of the wolf’s woods!? Sounds like eminent domain to me! >_< Hmph!

omg!!!!  Those are cool!!!!!


So I’d love these for TS4.

Me TOO, me TOO!