Prometheus Manor


Prometheus Manor is available for download off the Gallery if you prefer (Origin ID: Ninevah) but I’ve included a download for the tray files here.

This build is CC-free, so no lists of stuff to download for it. The only caveat is that I own all the stuff packs and I can’t remember which ones I used things out of.

The best phrase I can think to sum up this build is ‘Gorgeous Monstrosity.’ It’s over the top château style in the best senses. There’s eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an underground spa/gym, a personal cinema room, an attic full of generations of clutter and much, much more. I try to put in odd quirky details when I build that sort of tell a story about the house.

Prometheus Manor was built nearly a century ago by Godwin Baelfyre after he built his fortune selling bonfire piles. Several generations of Baelfyres have lived there (each with their own quirks) and the house has been modernised in places, but it still retains a lot of its charm.

I created a live-in housekeeper sim for this place (you’d seriously need one to run it) and contemplated adding a gardener/handyperson as well. If there’s a call for it, I might make them available for download as well. 🙂



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