A big and hearty thanks to @deeetron​ for chucking this over to me for recolouring. As I’m close to 300 followers, we’ll call it a 300 follower gift, eh?

This is a sweater set of sorts with @deeetron’s high-waisted skaterskirt debelted and the Belted Bow Cardi v.2. All credits go to them for the meshes. I just covered them in my 16 colour blissed out palette I used for the ‘OMG’ yoga tops and stuff that I thought was cute or interesting or…yeah. Apparently there are a LOT of these things as I made 45 recolours of both items. (If anybody knows a 12 step program for pattern addiction, pls send details.)

I consider this a continuation of the ‘Geek Chic’ series.

You know the drill by now, I’m sure. Here’s the song to listen to while you’re waiting for all this to turn up in your game.

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Cardigan: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]
Skirt: SFS [x] or Mediafire [x]

Not a booty shot this time (although one shall be had soon, methinks…); but more Archimedes! I submitted him to @simblrsgentlemenquarterly as a laugh. (I think I labelled him as ‘The Thinking Woman’s Bit of Crumpet’ in his blurb. That’s how serious I was. >_>)

It’ll probably go nowhere, but there’s no reason why all my Codex fans can’t enjoy Archi’s chiselled abs (thank you so much @lumialoversims) as much as I do. XD